Each year, SMAK St. Louis 1 organizes an exciting event known as Masa Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah (MPLS) for the newly admitted grade 10 students. This event is designed to introduce the new students to the educational environment of Sinluis. The first day of MPLS (Monday, 17 July 2023) starts at 6 in the morning and continues until 3 in the afternoon. The students participate in various engaging activities that have been arranged by the OSIS (Student Council).

One of the highlights of the MPLS is the school tour. Divided into groups, the new students are guided by friendly “Kakak Tutors,” who act as enthusiastic tour guides. They share valuable insights and tips about navigating the school’s vast premises, which helps alleviate some of their initial anxieties.

First, the students are brought to “Gedung A.” Built-in 1921, Gedung A is the oldest building in SMAK St. Louis and has become its mascot. They get a glimpse of the old classrooms. “They were spacious and well-equipped,” one student said.

Next, they explore the school’s laboratories and library. The well-equipped labs are impressive, offering opportunities for hands-on learning and experimentation. The library, with its vast collection of books, provides a serene escape for students seeking knowledge beyond the classrooms. “I was most fascinated by the collection that was donated by Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya (one of Sinlui’s alumni) because it is so old; some were even written in Dutch,” another student said.

Throughout the tour, the Kakak Tutors share anecdotes and stories about their own experiences at the school, which instills a feeling of camaraderie and belonging. As the clock approaches 3 in the afternoon, students return to their new classes for the closing ceremony. The event concludes with a prayer, expressing best wishes for the students who are going home and the Kakak Tutors who mostly stay at school to prepare for tomorrow’s activities. It is a moment of excitement as everyone looks forward to embarking on this new chapter together.


By : Nicholas Tjahyono, just promoted to XI IPS 2


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