SMAK St. Louis 1 North Region Champions


On the 26th of August 2023 in DBL Arena, St. Louis 1 was set to face an unfamiliar foe in the finals after all these years, Gloria 1 Surabaya. Just last year, St. Louis 1 clinched a narrow victory against them 47-45. With this in mind, the players trained very hard to win again once and for all.


Before the match started, everyone was greeted by an epic opening made by DBL dedicated to hype up all the spectators. This opening consists of lots of flashing lights, legendary plays, and the players entering the arena. As soon as the match started at 6 PM, the roars of Sinluiers engulfed the entire arena with their presence.


With Gloria 1 winning the tip-off, they got to start the game with the ball in their possession. Both teams showed their preparations by outplaying their opponents. At the end of the quarter, the score was 18-11 in favor of SInlui. 


The second quarter showed resilience from Gloria as at one point, they were very close to catching up with a scoreline of 28-26, in the end of the half, they netted a total 16 points against our 14, making the scoreline 32-27.


After the halftime break featuring Azarine’s cosmetic products, the third quarter began and ended with dominance from Sinlui, scoring a whopping 18 points to Gloria’s 10. This performance boosted the morale of the supporters, shouting chants louder and louder to intimidate their foes. The score was 50-37.


In the fourth quarter, both teams slowed down as Sinlui scored 14 and Gloria with 9. This means that the final score of the game was 64-46. The crowd went wild again, celebrating Sinlui’s major win and winning the tournament five years in a row. In the finals, Justin Patrick Alex became the spear of the team with his stellar performance, scoring 24 points and getting 12 rebounds. 

Penulis: Bennet Ethan Winoto / XI MIPA 6


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