St. Louis 1 Catholic Senior High School brought home gold and silver medals at the 2021 Honda Development Basketball League East Java Series. The tense Sunday afternoon of November 1st, 2021 yielded more than satisfactory results, among which was the boys’ team’s reign as champions for the third time in a row. Not to be outdone, the girls achieved a respectable second-place finish, losing at the final hour to Gloria 1 Christian Senior High School. Last but not least, St. Louis 1’s dance team, CLIQUE, broke its string of second-place finishes to gain the top spot. 

The girls’ team took to the court first, facing off against Gloria 1 Christian Senior High School at twelve-thirty Western Indonesian Time. During halftime, one of the players in St. Louis 1’s girls’ team, Queenie Xaviera Huson, attained the Top Point Award for the girls’ division. She scored twenty-nine points in a single match, the highest of any female player in this year’s DBL East Java Series. 

After the girls earned second place, the boys’ team played an extremely close match against the Second State Senior High School of Surabaya. In a match full of twists and turns, St Louis 1’s boys’ team won the victory by a margin of two points. With the final score standing at 65-63, St. Louis 1’s boys’ team successfully defended its position at the top of East Java’s Developmental Basketball League. 

During the boys’ match, the victors of this year’s UBS Gold Dance Competition East Java Series were announced. St. Louis 1’s dance team took the top spot with a dance themed around Disney’s Frozen. 

St. Louis 1 Catholic High School congratulates the winners of this year’s Honda Developmental Basketball League and its associated competitions.    


St. Louis 1 Catholic High School’s Teams in the Honda DBL

Girls’ Team 

  1. Chiara Natasha 
  2. Cameron Santoso 
  3. Wineke
  4. Michelle Joanne
  5. Gwyneth
  6. Jesslyn Halim
  7. Evelyn Louise Saputro
  8. Lynn Louise
  9. Richel Felisha Salim
  10. Queenie Xaviera Huson
  11. Amel

Boys’ Team

  1. Nicholas Demily 
  2. Jordan Mintarza 
  3. Daniel Nicholas Delin 
  4. Nathanael J. K. 
  5. Nicholas Winardi
  6. Vincentius Vercellino
  7. Cliffton Wijaya
  8. Sebastian Prasetyo
  9. Darren Tan
  10. Antonny Neuville Leonardo
  11. Brandon Louis

CLIQUE Winning Team

  1. Nicholas Jorgie
  2. Josephine C. K.
  3. Putri Ayu M.A
  4. Farryl Gracious Sie
  5. Lindawati
  6. Matthew Reynard C. H. 
  7. Laurensia Jovanie Irmawan
  8. Debby Deriena
  9. Jovianne Vevina Prasetio
  10.  Babyana Imanie Muljono
  11. Viona Diva Rinaldi

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