Friday (3/3/2023) was a special day for book lovers and writers in SMAK St. Louis 1. On that day an event named “Temu Penulis” or “Writer’s Meeting” was held. This event was held in the Thomas Aquino Library starting from 08.00-11.00 A.M with Rm. Dr. Yohanes Yupilustanaji Apgrianto, Pr., M.Hum. Each class had to send two students to participate in the event. The main purpose of the event is to increase self-resilience and literacy culture in St. Louis 1.


Besides increasing the self-resilience and literacy culture in St. Louis 1 this event also had the theme of “Building a Young Generation with Strong and Independent Character”. This event was also accompanied by the Head of the Surabaya’s Library and Archives Service such as Pudji Astuti, ST., Head of Library Development and Management, and Octa Dinar as the Coordinator of ATPUSI Surabaya. At the end of the day the event went smoothly and we hope that we can always increase self resillience and embrace the literary culture, not just in St. Louis 1, but also in Indonesia.


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