P5 is a government program that strengthens our connection to our country’s main and only ideology, Pancasila. It was decided that students would partake in this program in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Multiple classes chose many different projects, a group of students from X-IPS 2 decided to help the poor and hungry in their new project titled “Action Against Hunger”. They provided much-needed food and water to the surrounding citizens near St Louis 1 high school. The goal of this project is to help or relieve the economic situation of people who can be considered less fortunate. The group, using their own money bought supplies to be distributed to the less fortunate around St Louis High School.

In an interview, one of the students who are organizing the project named Catherine Anjany said that the reason they want to do this is because of the terrible economic condition a lot of people are in right now. In Surabaya alone, around 1 million people are categorized as MBR (Masyarakat Berpenghasilan Rendah). This is mostly due to the Covid pandemic that has plagued the world for nearly 2 years. Catherine says that she is grateful and fortunate not to be in the position a lot of people are in. She feels that she needs to do her part to help the unfortunate and underprivileged people plagued with economic distress, Catherine says “what she is doing she says isn’t harming her or her team in any way so why not do it?”. This project may not be a solution to poverty, but it does help the surrounding citizens of St Louis 1 high school with what they need immediately.

This project signifies what students from St Louis are capable of doing. It’s a great project among many others.


XIPS 2 Group 2

Written by : Nelson Xips/2


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