St. Louis 1 Catholic Senior High School
Jalan M. Jasin Polisi Istimewa no. 7
Surabaya-East Java 60265


Onny Prihantono (Artistic Director)
Tel : +62 878-5323-4754
Maria Widiyaningrum (Artistic Manager)
Tel : +62 815-5179-194
Blasius Sotyoanggoro (Head of the Committee)
Tel : +62 815-5393-9997


St. Louis 1 Catholic Senior High School is 68 years old leading high school in Indonesia. Located in a Dutch building at Jalan M. Jasin Polisi Istimewa 7, Heroes City Surabaya, St. Louis High School officialy established in 1951. The current main building is a Dutch building which was built in 1923 and previously belonged to CSA Brothers who were domiciled in the Dutch East Indies. Since the amount of CSA Brothers were less and less after Indonesia Indepence Proclamation, management transition from Yayasan Wijayana Kodya Surabaya (CSA Brothers) to Yayasan Lazaris (CM Priests) was done. Therefore, from 1974 until now, St. Louis High School is under auspices of Congregation of the Mission and living the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.

Nowadays, St. Louis 1 Catholic High School is known as the school with substaintial talent and achievement. Hundred national and international achievements has been inscribed by St. Louis students. One of which is St. Louis High School Choir.

The St. Louis High School Choir is the most prestigious choir which is well-known nationally and internationally. Established by Arie Soeprapto in 1985 and directed by Onny Prihantono and Maria Widiyaningrum, St. Louis Choir has receive lots of achievements.