Every year, St. Louis 1 Catholic Senior High School holds a prestigious competition for Middle-schoolers called the St. Louis Exhibition Competition Talent Competition (Sinlui HOT). The competition features a variety of topics including IT, English, Debate, Science, Public Speaking, and Vocal. This year, Sinlui HOT is held offline on the 16th-17th of September. 


Before the main event, a technical meeting or opening is held to introduce the participants on what to expect in the competition while promoting the school to them. Some like the SInlui HOT English and Debate competitions did the meeting both online and offline while others were fully online. 


On the day of the competition, many students got up early as the competition starts at roughly 7 AM. They were then greeted with numerous committees of different competitions upon entering the school. After many announcements regarding each and every competition, the competition started off with hype. As each team went through the preliminary rounds, some of the committee were cheering on certain schools, likely wanting to see their juniors well. At the end of the day, the teams/people who passed through the stage were mentioned. Some were left with an empty heart, while others were left with relief and joy. 


On the second day, the competition started off at roughly the same time as before. This is the day where the winners of all divisions are announced. Everyone was determined to win this competition. On this day, the committee also brought the participants to tour around the school as the winners of the Sinlui HOT Competition get a golden ticket into Sinlui. As the rounds progress. Sinlui HOT finally came to an end where the champions were announced in Pocin. 


All in all, the event was a success. It was noticeably distinct from last year (some were held online and the event wasn’t as big) and was overall a major improvement. Most importantly, the committees of every division hoped that everyone had fun and are looking forward to what next year holds.

Penulis: Bennet Ethan Winoto XI MIPA 6 / 03


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