FIERCE or Futsal Sinluiers Kece is a futsal competition held by the Deporkes organization. The competition consists of 13 teams competing to win the title of FIERCE winner. Each team has 10 people and they have to go through a champions league style tournament to reach the final. A team can consist of any student from the 10th to the 12th grade. But most teams decide to pair up with people from the same grade. The competition officially started on the 13th of October as the starting bracket was announced. The first stage of the competition was the group stage, there were 4 groups. Each group has 3 teams except for group A which has 4 teams. Only 2 teams from each group qualify for the next stage of the competition, the Big Eight. The remaining teams to reach the semi finals were: Kurawa, John Cook FC, Venom, and Tarkam United. Tarkam united faced Kurawa and it was a demolition as Tarkam scored 8 goals to make the scoreline 8-0. Meanwhile John Cook vs Venom proved to be a tight and close match. John Cook tried their best but it was not to be as venom won the match 2-3. So the stage was set, Venom vs Tarkam United. 


     The setup to the final was fantastic, the sanggar band played a charming tune to get the crowd pumped for the final. Finally on the 4th of November 2022 the final of FIERCE 2022 officially kicked off. Both sides were evenly matched but Tarkam soon gained the upper hand and pulled away from Venom. The final scoreline was 5-4, thus making Tarkam United champion of FIERCE 2022.


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