On February 14th 2023 St. Louis 1 High School held a special event as a commemoration of Valentine’s day. Our beloved Headmaster Mam Yuni was also celebrating her 54th birthday on that day. The event started at 10 A.M around Pocin, during the Valentine event, there were various programs held by the student council such as food stands for cotton candies, chocolates, drinks, etc. Dances and other music performances were also performed during that day especially by “SANGGAR”.


Those were the programs that were held by the student council. But there were also special programs on that day as a form of collaboration between the school departments such as “KOPSIS” and “SANGGAR”. One of the special programs was “SOULMEET”, soulmeet was a blind date program that consisted of two students(male and female) where they were asked to have a conversation and tell something about themselves. At the end of the day all of the programs in this 2023 Valentine event went smoothly and this 2023 Valday will always be remembered, not only by the students, but also the teachers. 


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