On the 13th of January 2023, St. Louis High School’s student organization held a Christmas-themed event. The first agenda of the day was a catholic sermon conducted in the nearby Cathedral Sacred Heart of Jesus. The sermon was organized by Cathedral staff and the Sosroh organization. All St. Louis students from the first to third grade packed the Cathedral to attend the compulsory sermon. Following the sermon, students walked back to school and enjoyed the Christmas event organized by St Louis’s student organization dubbed “Sinclausan”. This event featured multiple holiday festivities such as a Christmas caroling performance, a secret Santa gift exchange, a Christmas Bazaar, a few carnival-style games, a rally game, and many more.


     This Christmas event was truly one to remember as it brought St Louis students closer together, a sense of unity and pride in being a St Louis student was truly felt that day. Christmas is a day that always brings us all together, I guess you could call it a Christmas miracle.


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