On the 27th of November to 2nd of December, St Louis 1 Surabaya Senior High School held an event after 2 weeks of final term which was classmeeting. Classmeeting/Luivania is an event held by the one of the students council organization which was “DEPORKES”  for the students to participate as a form of a contest in each class to compete against each other to receive the best place with different categories.


This year’s Classmeeting categories consists of : Harry’s Three Point,Blindspot,Drac’s Badminton,Frank E-Sports,The Kraken Attack,Road to Transylvania,Blobby Gone,and lastly Murrayl. Besides the variety of the categories of the Classmeeting there was also unique snacks to buy provided by “KOPSIS”. In this week students seemed to be having their time and had a relief after 2 weeks of final term, thanks to “DEPORKES” and other student council organizations.


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