With the purpose of leading the students to success in the world of education, SMAK St.Louis 1 held an event called “FACET” Learning which stands for Flexibility, Adversity, Creativity, Effective, and Transformative Learning. This year’s FACET Learning features several SMAK St.Louis 1’s Alums who are currently studying abroad. In the meeting they did some sharing of their opinion on studying abroad and also some tips on how we should start with it. Other than that, they also gave a brief explanation on how their life on SMAK St.Louis 1 went which could be a source of inspiration for the students.


This year’s FACET Learning was held on (18/07/2023) for the 12th graders and (20/07/2023) for the 11th graders. There were two Alums that shared their opinions in total. In the first session it was Matthew Dinata, he is currently studying in NTU Singapore with the major Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After that, we had Hans Juliano, who has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering inNational Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center. After all of that, the meeting ended really well, students were able to receive important information from the Alums that will bring hope for their brighter future.


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