“Education without application is just entertainment.” – Tim Sanders.

Excursion Study – a short out-of-school study, to apply theoretical sciences to real-life application – is an annual program held by St. Louis 1 Catholic High School, whose major participants are Math and Science (MIPA) eleventh graders. The theme for the current year is SeReal (Science in Real Life), which is led by F. Asisi Subono, S. Si., M. Kes. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the 10 companies that have given the chance to be the object for these excursion study activities, namely: 

  1. PT. Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia (SPINDO)
  2. PT. Bintang Lestari Asia
  3. PT. Calvary Abadi 
  4. PT. Cahaya Bintang Plastindo
  5. PT. Caterlindo
  6. PT. Petrokimia Gresik
  7. PT. Panca Graha Pratama (Olympic Group)
  8. PT. Samudra Gemilang Plastindo
  9. PT. Sun Paper
  10. PT. Balitjestro

This post will specifically elaborate writer’s personal experience visiting PT. Bintang Lestari Asia. 

Every 11th science class will divide class members into 4 different groups. There mathematics group, Physics group, Chemistry group, and Biology group. On this occasion, my team (Physics group) visited PT Bintang Lestari Asia along with Science three Biology group and Science 4 Physics group. We were accompanied by V. Marie Prihatini, S. Pd. and Agnes Prasanna Murti Sri Pamungkas, S. Pd. 

I visited PT Bintang Lestari Asia on February 20th, 2023. With the guidance of Sir Latief (the one who wears red shirt), I and my team wandered and examined their ventilation system. 

We specifically, would like to examine the implementation of fluid dynamics in the wood-processing industry.

It took us 2 hours to gather our data and examine their ventilation system. In the end, St. Louis 1 Catholic Senior High School, represented by Maam Marie, gave an appreciation gift for PT Bintang Lestari Asia. 

Written by: Ryuzo Gunawan


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