On 16th of June 2023 a Term Report Day was held in SMAK St. Louis 1. This year’s Term Report Day was held in separate rooms. First of all, parents as the guests were invited to go to certain classes, and then went to V-Hall to meet the homeroom teacher for further discussion on the students grade and study progress and of course claiming the report card from the school. In the Term Report Day students weren’t required to attend the Term Report Day, but it’s best for them to attend it.


This year’s study result was quite great because every subject has a score above 85 with Mandarin Language’s score which was 96 sitting at the top of the graphs. 10 Parallel students with amazing grades were also announced in the V-Hall. At the end of the day everything went as planned and from this Term Report Day, parents and students will be able to make corrections for themselves considering a lot of information was  given that day.


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