On the 16th to 17th of September 2022, Sinlui TV’s Basic Level Leadership Training (Latihan Kepemimpinan Tingkat Dasar) or LKTD was officially held. This is the last stage of St. Louis 1 Surabaya Catholic Senior High School’s broadcasting organization member selection. The candidate members slept at school, as the event started on Friday at 14.30 and ended on Saturday at 14.00. 

They started the first day of the event with a seminar by Bu Gita about team building, followed by a challenging outbond the committee arranged. After freshening up, Sinlui TV’s previous alumni came to give helpful tips and share their experiences to their juniors.

Past midnight, the candidates were woken up to do the thrilling jurit malam in teams of five. At the break of dawn, the committee evaluated the candidate members on how they went through the activities that day.

The candidate members began the next day sharing their individual hopes for Sinlui TV, preceded and guided by the founder, Pak Septa. After breakfast, they went on to make short yet very interesting commercials of objects provided by the committee. Soon after, all the candidates watched the commercials each team made and followed a lesson on public speaking by Pak Septa. 

Finally, it was time to close Sinlui TV’s LKTD 2022. All the candidate members held hands and embraced each other in solidarity while the organization’s head, Annabel Hilary, announced who passed the selection. Celebratory cheers and words of congratulations rang out when it was announced that all the candidate members were accepted as Sinlui TV’s newest members for this period. 


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