Drama, a form of art that has been performed since the ancient Greeks, is a pastime that has been interwoven into our society since the dawn of intellectual thinking. In this day and age theater isn’t exactly the same as in the time of Thespis but it still has its main core. Drama can be more than a form of art, it can be a means to escape this wretched reality and momentarily live a life of pure bliss. It can be a motivation to be better or it can be a sad reminder and lesson to our own lives.


    Recently, our very own St Louis students produced their own plays. The 13 classes of the 12th grade have each produced their own play as part of their practical exams. Due to the number of classes who have made plays, a whole range of different themes can be seen. On one side you have a historical epic on Rudolf Soepratman and on the other the heartwarming tale of Diana da Costa Ati. Each play showed the potential and talent the students of St Louis have. The dramas were open for the public to watch and all performed in the same place at Vincentius Hall, inside St Louis 1 high school. According to the reception they received following all the plays the students did admirably and put on a really good show.


                                                                                                          -Cornelius Nelson Chandra


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