After nearly two years of online classes and limited non-compulsory face-to-face learning, St. Louis 1 Catholic Senior High School Surabaya officially starts its mandatory face-to-face learning on the 17th of January 2022. This decision was made in accordance with the Four Minister’s decree on Learning Activities During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic.

Starting Tuesday, 17 January 2022, students from grade X, XI, and XII will attend school on St. Louis 1’s grounds. However, considering the number of students and safety & health protocols, St. Louis 1 has decided on a hybrid system. Only up to 50% of the students will attend at once, alternating between odd and even roll numbers. Students with even numbers will attend face-to-face learning on Mondays and Wednesdays, while odd-numbered students attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All classes on Friday will remain online. St. Louis 1 has also granted some flexibility for students outside of the Surabaya Metropolitan Area, including students from islands outside of Java, to whom face-to-face learning is not mandatory.

Throughout the mandatory face-to-face learning, students are required to follow set rules and protocols. They must wash their hands upon arrival before entering the school environment. After school, students must leave their classes in turns and are discouraged from crowding. Exchanging food, drinks, stationeries, and other utensils are also strictly prohibited. Students must also wear double masks and bring a minimum of one spare pair with them, alongside hand sanitizers, food and drinks, stationery, and wet wipes (alcoholic or antiseptic).

Lastly, students must scan the QR code posted at the school gates with their PeduliLindungi application as well as the attendance QR code on St. Louis 1’s website. Students may also order their meals at St. Louis 1’s canteen through their website.

We hope the mandatory face-to-face learning activities may run smoothly and without difficulty.


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