On the 3rd of March 2023, all 3 of the 11th grade IPS classes marched into the Benedict room for a special lesson. They were greeted by Adi Surayaputra Paramura, head of the study system information program at the University of Ciputra. This special lesson was called Digital Entrepreneur, which consisted of three activities such as ERP Simulator by Moonsoon, Summary ERP Simulator, and Social Media Digital Marketing.

The purpose of this visit was to prepare the students of the IPS 11th grade for the rivalry they would encounter in the world of business. To the committee who assembled this visit, it wasn’t enough just to teach the students theory after theory.  They also needed to be prepared in their practical skills through training. It seems like a small event that the students won’t remember, but the lessons learned from this lecture will greatly help them in the cruel and unforgiving world of business.


                                                                                                                                          -Writer : Nelson


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